Smash Hits. Mutterings. Undated.
Seems head X-Man was not too chuffed about copping a $250 fine for unmentionable language at a pub gig in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong. Brian was heard to mutter *?!#%'/ upon leaving the court.
TV Week. Molly's Humdrum. 30 Nov 1985
Re the celebrity race at the Adelaide Grand Prix.
Congratulations must go to all the celebrities who took part including ........ and Brian Mannix. I must admit it was strange to see Brian Mannix, who doesnt even drive a car around town, racing around the track.
Countdown Magazine December 1985 Readers Poll Results

Best New Talent: 4th - Uncanny X-Men
Best Video: 2nd - 50 Years, 9th - The Party, 14th - Still Waiting.
Best Single: 2nd - 50 Years, 11th - Still Waiting, 14th - Party.
Event of the year: 3rd - X-Men tour.
Best Group in Australia: 1st - Uncanny X-Men.
"Way to go! I'm surprised at that, I would have thought INXS would have beaten us. They came second? Maybe I underestimate ourselves. Thats great!" Brian Mannix
Best Album: 1st - Cos Life Hurts.
"Best album? way to go! especially because its an album that had super production and a lot of people spent money on. I think it had good songs on it. Thats great. It's our first album so the second one will be even better" Brian Mannix.
Best Male Singer: 1st - Brian Mannix.
"Well I think some people would argue that Stevie Wonder was a little better than me, but its public opinion that counts so there you go." Brian Mannix.
Haircut of the Year: 4th - Brian Mannix.
Best Group in the World: 2nd - Uncanny X-Men.
Turkeys: 8th - Brian Mannix, 11th - Uncanny X-Men.
Juke Readers Poll: 1985

Best Male Performer: 5th - Brian Mannix.
Best Live Act: 5th - Uncanny X-Men.
Best Band: 5th - Uncanny X-Men
Date and Publication unknown:
The Uncanny X-men meanwhile, are a classic example of a group dismissed as just a pub rock group, who proved themselves worthwhile and captured a fanatical following. Next year will see the group consolidating on that success.
TV Week Mollys Melodrama
20 September 1986.
I caught Hey Hey Its Saturday the other week and from what I gather it seems that Red Symons has a contract out on Brian Mannix! But never fear, Brian will hit back with the new X-Men album.

Its always been a strange thing in the local rock world how certain artists such and Brian Mannix, Brian Canham and Scott Carne refuse to work with each other.
TV Week 24 Aug 1985

Talking of film epics, the Uncanny X-Men have come up with a new clip for their latest single, Still Waiting, which incorporates part of the story from their forthcoming one hour video. Lets face it - Brian Mannix is hardly a Rambo or Mad Max, but its a nice try anyway.
Publication & Date unknown.
The video for X-Mens current single, I Am, was shot in an old sewerage farm in Spotswood, Victoria.  Oooh gurgle gurgle. 
Summer 1986 Publication unknown.
Brian has been writing new songs, renovating a house, looking at scripts and various offers for feature films and a new TV series, and lastly, finishing the X-Mens film Viva La Boodge which he wrote and directed (watch out for the Film Censorship Board) due for release in late January. Oh and as for a new record, thats probably not until much later in the
TV Week December 1985
Its now almost certain that Uncanny X-Men will be co-managed in America by Billy Gaff, Rod Stewarts ex manager. 
Date and Publication Unknown.
The X-Men will be bound for the States soon. They have signed with Arnold Stieffel Corporation which, besides Rod Stewart, also looks after Missing Persons and Sean Penn.
Date & Publication unknown
Well you know about the X-Mens coming soon video, next place you can find them is at your local video store. Brian and the lads will be releasing two vids! One being the pleasant G rated family live recording model, and the other a somewhat more risque "Behind the scenes with the pop stars" type effort that will definately be found in the R rated section.
Date & Publication unknown.
I think its going to take the Lawn Tennis Association members at Kooyong several months to recover from the Uncanny X-Men fans who rolled up to support Brian at the Variety Celebrity Tennis match. Poor Brian must get embarrassed when those girls start screaming those very strange things that X-Men fans are prone to. Not to mention how he must have felt when the underwear started hitting the courts!.
November 1985 Newpaper unknown.
Vicki Hammers out a carve-up.
Schoolgirl Vick McGough's passion for Brian Mannix, of rock group Uncanny X-Men, led her to make the winning $70,000 bid at an auction of his mothers house.  The house, in the Melbourne suburb of Oak Park, was sold to Vicki, 16, before real estate agents realised what happened.
"I was carving Brian For Vicki on a tree with a rock and they took me as making the first bid, I put my hand up and nobody bid after me."
The house was later sold after it became apparent Vicki couldnt pay up.
Date & Publication unknow.
Brian Mannix has never been one to back out of a party and is quite partial to the taking of fluid refreshments at the Club Chevron in Melbourne.
Date & Publication Unknown.
Uncanny X-Men have lost original member Ronald Thiessen. The poor chap actually got married a couple of months ago and has decided to part company with Brian and the lads to live in Sydney. meanwhile back in the land of RnR the X-Men have a new single out any day produced by Kevin 'very famous US producer' Beamish.
Date & Publication unknown.
The new TV series "Coopers Crossing" should make its debut on the 9 network later this month. 26 one hour episodes will bring the dramatic tale of life in a rural outback town; a sort of spin off from The Flying Doctors mini series. The exciting news for pop fans is that the series will give Brian Mannix his first TV role. Brian will be seen in 5 episodes as a comic local character named Max.
Date & publication unknown.
After an Uncanny X-Men gig in Rockhampton Queensland a few members of the band decided to smoke one of those funny smelling Indonesian cigarettes. Being very considerate sort of chaps they didnt want others to breathe in their smoke, so they put towels around the doors and windows to stop the smoke escaping.
Unfortunately, they didnt count on a silent smoke detector; a little while later they heard a bang on the door, and shat themselves. One of them slowly opened the door... to find three firemen standing outside, one of them wielding an axe !.
Newspaper Unknown 14 June 1986.
Uncanny X Rating for Nude Doctor Tom.
The Uncanny X-Mens Brian Mannix caused a flap during shooting for Channel 9's new series The Flying Doctors.
Andrew Mcfarlane, Dr Tom Callaghan in the series, opened the door of his hotel room naked at midnight, in sleepy Horsham, Victoria, expecting to find only a dropped off call sheet for the next days shooting.
He was confronted by giggling young girls waiting outside Brian's room hoping for a glimpse of the rock star.
TV Week Mollys Melodrama 17 May 1986.
The Countdown Music Awards proved beyond doubt that Uncanny X-Men are still one of the most popular bands working in this country.
Certainly Brian Mannix has the incredible ability to create hysteria wherever he goes!
The band have signed a worldwide multi-album deal with CBS Interbational and have an agreement with Rod Stewarts management in the US.
The single titled I Am is out now and I think it will be a smash.
The track was written by Brian and produced by an American guy called Kevin Beamish, a respected LA producer who has worked with REO Speedwagon. I think hes done a great job with this single.
The guys are going into the studio in June to start work on the album which, all going well, should be out late in September.
There were a few worrying moments when Ronnie Thiessen left and the inevitable rumours started that the band was splitting up. Ron's replacement is Joey Amenta, who used to play with Moving Pictures.
All the anxious fans out there will have a preview of the new X-Mens material during the bands extensive national tour which started in Melbourne a few weeks ago. 
Fans are also eager to see Brian make his acting debut in the upcoming Flying Doctors. From all reports he has done a great job, suggesting that his talents are not only as a vocalist. Apparentlyhe shows considerable ability as a comedian.
I cant wait to hear the new songs which, from what I hear, are mainly Brians compositions.
The tour is taking the band slightly off the beaten track, and it even takes in gigs at Mt Isa and FNQ. Judging by the last tour the pace is going to be an extremely hectic one. 
The US and UK will be subjected to the X-Men mania in October when the lads leave for an overseas promotional tour. Who said the X-Men were finished!. 
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