22 March 2008: Some updates over at The Brian Mannix Pages. In an effort to retrieve some of my expensive disk space and I have removed all the gig photos that people have sent me - from the actual web site. It was costing me too much to host them there. I have transferred all the photos to a private account at photobucket. I then created small slideshows for the actual gig photos page and then made really big slideshows and loaded them to the blog here htttp:// The blog has room for people to add comments about your photos or even reviews of the same gig etc. So I think it will make them more interactive.

I also killed the bravenet guest book - it was attracting too many spammers and along with the time spent in the forum and the myspace page I found I was forgetting to clear the spam from it. So instead clicking on Guestbook now directs you to the Fan Forum where there is a separate board for unregistered guests to post a message.

9 December 2006: Just discovered my email links weren't working on each of the X-Men sites. I have fixed them up now so they should all be working. Sorry bout that !!

30 August 2006: Added new logos to the Cafe Press logos page (which I just noticed I failed to announce here when I first built it !). Anyway - the page contains the various logos I have built that can be selected to have printed on any of the t shirt styles on the Cafe Press store. Because I have a "free" store I cant upload each design with every single t shirt style. So I set up the logo page so people can select a logo and match it to their favourite T style - I will then upload it and get the item ready for purchase. See the logos HERE.

30 April 06: Added the pink Cafe Press button to this site, the Brian Mannix Pages, and the Xmaniacs site. Its a store where you can purchase t shirts, baby clothes, coffee mugs etc - all featuring Xmaniacs & logos. Enjoy. Basically I get a small percentage from each sale - given the exchange rate from US to AU $ I doubt it will be a windfall - but it will contribute to my costs. I pay several hundred per year to run my website building program with homestead and also to own the xmen domain name. I have ordered one of the black t shirts so when it arrives I will check out the quality and let everyone know what its like. If its not up to scratch I will delete the shop.

17 April 06: The boys appeared on Channel 7's Where Are They Now on 9 April 2006 - I am adding screen caps and info to the "I Am" pages for each guy and will add more to The Brian Mannix Pages.

2 April 06: Have published the new fan forum (scroll down on the left for the link) and a cute chat room.

25-26 Feb 06: I have been building a fan forum for the gang to hang out on. Will release the address soon. Also built a chat room to link from the forum.

11 Feb 06: Thanks to helpful fan Peter, I have updated the homepage with info about the bands earliest gigs and setlists.

25 Dec 05: Found a website with screen captures from X-Men's performance in 1985's Oz For Africa gig. Have put a button on the LINKS page for you.

19 Dec 05: I published The Brian Mannix Pages over the weekend. The Career to Date page has links to external sites as well as tonnes of articles and pictures. Click on the link on the left to access the website.

27 Nov 05: Started more work on The Brian Mannix Pages. Created a scrolling banner, title banner and navigation bars. Built the Home page, Site Info page, Career to Date page, Gig Guide and Gig Pics pages. Still a fair bit to type up and upload so  havent published the pages yet. maybe in a couple of weeks.

26 Nov 05: Published 7 pages over on the Xmaniacs site. Check that sites Site Info page for all the details. Click on the Xmaniac link on the left.

20 Nov 05: Rewrote the front page intro, and the info on the albums page. Am gradually collating info re chart positions and sales etc but its hard work ! Spent today scanning dozens of articles and reviews and will upload them over next few weekends. Added some more quotes to the Quotes page.
Have so far added links to 7 articles from 1984 and 1985 - more to come soon.
Added scanned Q&A's to Brians, Ronnies and Chucks pages.

19 Nov 05: Finally getting around to some updating. I have built a new more organised navigation bar which will appear on every page and added the Yahoo and MSN group links, created a Links page, made a new prettier banner. Rebuilt the Albums page - scanned all my singles, albums and cassette covers etc.

27 Feb 05: Yes sorry I have been slack. Busy rebuilding my John Waters site - but that should be complete very soon and then it will be back to this site to load up the hundreds of articles and pics in my collection. Today I have added a link to Jason's Countdown Petition - just below. Also added a recent article on Brian to the Brian Mannix Pages (Thanks Tracey !)

27 Nov 04: Added photos from recent gig to the Brian Mannix Pages.  Published Brian home page and Brian Gig Photos page

20 Nov 04: Created an MSN Group that links from the Xmaniacs page. Joined a few 80's music webrings - links below.

15 Nov 04: My relationship with my RSI affected right arm has been stretched ! Spent last night resizing, framing and logo-ing pics. An absolute smorgasborg of pics now added to the Band and Brian Pictures pages. More individual ones of band to come and will be added to their individual pages. Created the basics of the Xmaniacs page - now just have to wait for your contributions.

14 Nov 04: Created pages for discography, album reviews, gig reviews, quotes and triva. Started the painstaking task of copying out the stuff from my scrapbooks.  Publushed the pages for each band members profile. Published the Trivia page - much more to be added to it but want some feedback on the font - is it too small. Created & published the SITE ERROR 404 Page.

13 Nov 04: Typed out profiles on each band members page.

12 Nov 04: Created the musical notes menu, wrote the home page intro, created a page for each band member - each will contain pics, info and a "where are they now".

30 Oct 04: Set up a bravenet guestbook.

29 Oct 04: Commenced site construction. Started with home page and site info page.

13-23 Oct 04: Got off my butt and unpacked all the scrapbooks and posters from the boxes and tubes they had been in since 1988.  Scanned most of it. 

2003/04: Started designing site in my sleep - a bad habit of mine as it means I spend half the night getting up to jot everything down in a note book. A file of scrap paper was created - filled with site designs and ideas.

11 Nov 03: Purchased domain

1999: Reserved domain names,, Just in case I ever needed them !

October 1998: Got a computer for my 30th birthday. Googled Brian Mannix and found nothing ! Damn. Wondered what I could do to fix that problem. 

Some time mid 1983 ish:  Developed an unhealthy obsession for this band.

Updated 18 September, 2014



Everything on this site comes from my teen scrapbook collection unless otherwise noted. Where possible I have noted the publication & date but this is limited to whether I noted that info back in the 80s.I had a bad habit of cutting out an article or even just a sentence and glueing it in the scrapbook. Yes I am kicking myself now. 

Generally the publications would have included The West Australian, The Sunday Times, The Western Mail, Cleo, Dolly, Juke, TV Week, Smash Hits, Countdown Magazine, Pop Thriller, Rock Video, some Melbourne newspapers (not sure which ones) and the Xmaniacs Newsletters.

If you are the owner of any of the publications used on the site and do not wish for them to be used please let me know via the guestbook and I will reply by email.

If you are here to steal - please appreciate that I spent a lot of money and time collecting and storing these items over the past 20 years or more, so please use your own collection rather than mine.  I have built the site to help preserve a bit of 80's musical history.

The XMANIACS page construction has begun.  Ideally what I want to achieve on this page is stories from fans about their obsession, the gigs they went to, photos of their bedroom walls covered in posters, poems they wrote etc etc. Thanks to those fans who have contributed already !!

The BRIAN MANNIX PAGES - construction has begun. This page will cover everything to do with Brian that is not related to X-men. His acting, his writing etc, plus current gigs with Idols of the 80's. I have loaded photos from a gig I went to and would love to add other fans gig photos.
Dec05 update: The Brian page is well and truly published and going well.

The ALBUMS page: I have written to Mushroom Records requesting info on record sales, chart positions etc. No reply from them - yet !

BIGGEST GOAL !!  For Brian to take a look at the 3 websites and love them so much he asks for them to be the official site !!!


I am in my late 30s - a teen of the 80s. I spent my teens in Perth and while I have since lived in the UK and America and I holiday regularly in Sydney and Melbourne - I think I will always prefer to live in Perth.

Like all teens - my bedrooms walls were covered in my current lust objects - and for much of the 80s my walls (and ceiling) were dominated by the Uncanny X-Men. I left a bit of space for David Bowie and Harrison Ford but only a bit !!

If the band were in a magazine - I bought two copies. If Brian made the cover - I bought a dozen ! Consequently I have a huge collection of Xmen articles and I will eventually get them all loaded onto this site.

I joined the fan club and became an Xmaniac for life. 50 Years is officially the song I chose to be played at my funeral some day.

I also video'd every single TV appearance Brian and the band made during that era. Unfortunately I used BETA back then ! As soon as I work out how to get it all onto DVD I will look into adding clips to the site.

(Update Feb 2006: Have been transferring all my VHS videos to dvd and as soon as I get an adapter to connect the Beta vcr to my dvd recorder I will get started on that project).

Thanks for visiting my site.

Karina xxx
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