Countdown Mag January 85. Profiles

Real name: Ronald Thiessen
Born place/date: Melbourne 8 April 1961
Siblings: Younger sister
Height: 104 cm
Weight: 9 1/4 stone
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Previous occupation: Signwriter
Previous bands: n/a
Favourite Colours: Primary colours
Hobbies: Drawing, partying & playing music.
Ambition in life: Rich, famous, sane and healthy.
Favourite food: n/a
Favourite drink: benedictine and ice
Self description: Laid back semi conservative
High point of career: Haven't reached it yet.
Fave films: The Verdict, One flew over the Cuckoos Nest
Fave Actor: Jack Nicholson
Fave Actress: Liza Minelli
Person you would most like to meet: Keith Richards.
Most important possessions: my bed, my guitars.
Most hated record: Bop Girl - Pat Wilson.
Fave Bands: ZZ Top, Roxy Music, The Fixx, The Young Lions.
Fave Singers: Bryan Ferry, Cy Currin - The Fixx.
Fave albums: Reach the Beach - The Fixx, Avalon - Roxy Music.
Fave Singles: Start Me Up - Rolling Stones, Wood Beez - Scritti Politti, Power and the Passion - Midnight Oil.
Countdown Mag March 1986 Readers Q&A from D Sylvester and H Boucher of Adelaide.

Q What do you think of the other menbers of the band?
A They're my friends as well as my fellow musicians.
Q How tall are you?
A I'm 5 foot 8
Q Who gave you the nickname "Rocking Ronnie Gonzo"?
A Brian Mannix did!
Q Who does your housework?
A Me.
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Ronnie Thiessen
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