August 1985 Countdown Mag.
Brian Mannix - on being a suburban punk:
"It was a really good period, like I use to put on a pair of white runners and  was punk. And  felt like I was part of the industry then as I do now, which was great."

Smash Hits 1986, Brian: “It’d be ridiculous for me to get on stage and pretend I was somebody real cool because I’m not a real cool guy”.

Smash Hits 1986, Brian – when asked about misconceptions he encounters: “That I’m a homosexual for starters. Like you sit there on tv with Molly so everybody considers you’re a homosexual. I wonder if I went on Four Corners and sat there with David Gulpilil if everybody would think I was an aboriginal. Y’know its about as logical.

Smash Hits 1986, Chuck: “I wouldn’t want all of the attention. I don’t know how Brian puts up with it.

Womans Weekly 1987, Brian on goals: “To work once a week, crack the world wide open, make heaps of cash …. and pick up chicks.”

Updated 18 September, 2014