Countdown Mag, January 1985 Profiles

Real Name: Allan Charles Hargreaves
Born place/date: Yarrawonga 25 January 1961
Siblings: four older sisters, one younger brother.
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 9 stone 12
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Previous bands: couple of club bands, The Secrets, Finders Keepers.
Previous occupations: painter, guitar repairs, salesman.
Fave colours: Blue, red.
Hobbies: Baseball
Ambition in Life: Overseas success
Fave food: My mothers cooking.
Favourite drink: Bloody Mary.
Self description: Quiet, sensitive
High point of career: hasnt happened yet
Fave Films: No 10 Noid Rillington Place.
Fave Actor: Richard Attenborough
Fave Actress: Natalie Wood.
Person you woud most like to meet: Todd Rundgren.
Most important posession: Good health.
Most hated record: Leonard Cohen - Death of a Ladys Man.
Fave Bands: The Fixx
Fave Singers: Todd Rundgren.
Fave Albums: Reach the Beach - The Fixx
Fave Singles: Wood Beez - Scritti Politti.
Countdown Mag October 1985 Readers Q&A Leanne of Hallam Victoria.

Q Do you spend much time with the other guys in the band when you are not working?
A Sometimes, when we go out at night. Otherwise, not much.
Q How would you describe your bedroom?
A A Mess
Q When did you get your first guitar?
A When I was a wee tot
Q What sort of car do you drive?
A Nothing now. I used to have a Blue Lagoon Kingswood Station Wagon when I lived on my parents farm. It was as messy as my bedroom.
Q Did you like school?
A Not Much
Q How many ties have you got?
A None
Q What would you be if you weren't a popstar?
A A brain surgeon
Q Can you describe a typical fan?
A Yes, something fitted to a ceiling that goes round and round.
Q Do you like wild parties?
A Sometimes, depends who is there.
Q How would you describe yourself?
A I'm too modest to say.
Q Whats the scariest experience you've ever had?
A Standing on a 6 foot brown snake at my parents farm.
Q Do you smoke or drink?
A Absolutely.
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Chuck Hargreaves
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