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What You Give is What You Get! 
1986 LP CBS Productions.
Featured songs:
Side one: Nothing Touches My World, Start Believing, I Am,
About You, Goodnight.
Side two: I'm On Heat, Colour Your Answer Blue, Don't Wake Me, Playing The Titanic, What You Give

Additional Info: 
Produced by Kevin Beamish. Engineered by Chris Corr. Recorded at Platinum Studios, Melbourne. 
Signed to CBS in May 1986
First single was the top 20 I Am, followed by Dont Wake Me which also reached the top October 86.
Album released at the end of October 86, awarded Gold record (35,000 sales).

I Am / Treat Me Nice / Kill The Children 7"
Don't Wake Me / Truckin' On Into Alice 7"
Nothing Touches My World / 
Start Believing / Sullivans 7"

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How Do You Get Your Kicks
1983 Single Mushroom Records

B Side - Superhero

Additional Info:
Released April 1983. Reached number 9 in the Melbourne charts. Written by Skyhooks Greg Macainish.
Salive One! 
1982 Mushroom/Festival Mini-album 
Featured songs:
Side 1: Feel Right,  Shame, I Wanna Be Your Baby
Side 2: I'm The One, You Got Me, Pakistan

Additional Info:
Recorded live at AAV, November 2 1982. Recording engineers Tony Buettel & Jim Barton. Remix & post production by Tony Buettel. Released in Dec 1982, reached number 11 in the Melbourne charts just 3 weeks later, and number 39 in the national charts. The boys had been approached by Mushroom Records in November 1982. They recorded the album less than two days after signing the contract, in a studio with 200 invited guests.
Beach Party 
1984 Mushroom Records EP
Featured songs:
Everybody Wants to Work, Radio, Beach Party, Little Girls

Additional Info:
Work and Radio were recorded by Ric "Pinko" Sims (aka Red Symons) in July 1984. Engineered by Ross Cockle. Remixed by Jim Barton at AAV Studios, Melbourne.  Beach Party and Little Girls were recorded live at the Chevron Hotel, Sydney, 17/8/84 by Warren Perryman and Chris Pyne. Mixed by Jim Barton at AAV Studios. Released August 1984, both the EP and the single Work were in the top 30 national charts.

Everybody Wants to Work
Cos Life Hurts 
1985 Mushroom/Festival LP
Featured songs:
Side one: Still Waiting, Work, Boy, She Said, Yoko, 
My Girl.
Side two: You Say That, Used To Know, Party, 50 Years,
Best Looking Guy.

Additional Info:
Album sales of over half a million, the boys were awarded with a Double Platinum award. By January 1985 "The Party" went top 15 in the national charts and was their highest selling single to that date. Two months later they released "50 Years" and scored their first national top 5 position - reaching number 1 in most states. "50 Years" went Gold in 2 weeks and Platinum in 3 months.

The album reached number 3 on the national charts on June 17 1985 after just 8 weeks in the charts (bear in mind the first and second positions were held by big names like Eurythmics and Dire Straits). Buy July 29 it was still selling well and was still number 5 on the charts.

The album immediately went Gold after only 2 weeks, then Platinum, and heading for Double Platinum, after selling more than 100,000 copies since June.

1985 proved to be Uncanny X-Men's biggest year with the national success of their debut album 'Cos Life Hurts (#2 in June) and the hit singles, `The Party (#17 in March), `50 Years, Everybody Wants To Work.

Mushroom Records has a display at Sydney Hard Rock Cafe featuring many of Mushroom's leading artists including gold sales awards for Tim Finn for "Escapade," Uncanny X-Men for "'Cos Life Hurts," " "Starstruck" the soundtrack, Split Enz for "Time and Tide," Renee Geyer for "So Lucky," Hunters and Collectors for "What's a few Men," and Split Enz again for "Corroboree."

50 Years / Best Looking Guy 7"
The Party / The Slug 7"
Still Waiting / Time Goes So Fast 7"
Work / ?
Tome Goes So Fast
1983 Single Mushroom Records

B Side - Up To You

Additional Info:
Released August 1983. Written by Brian Mannix.